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Career Values

Career values is an instrument focused on personality, which maps out which values/motivations are considered important by the client in order to find satisfaction in the exercise of a profession.

Icares Professional instruments

Occupation Interest Test

Returning more than 3000 professions in the order of interest.
The interest is clearly mapped out with 77 questions.

Sector Scan

This module is connected to the Occupations Interest Test and sorts 39 professional sectors that match the client’s interest profile.


This instrument focuses on eight orientations and sorts professions on the basis of these eight types of people. Three different ways are available to sort the orientations: Photo album, Blackboard and notice board.

CAPAZ study

This instrument aims at study approach and behavior (Concentration, study approach, performance motivation, fear of failure and self-confidence).

CAPAZ work

This instrument aims at work approach and behavior (Concentration, work approach, performance motivation, fear of failure and self-confidence).


This is the Icares version of the Big Five. The five personality traits of people are clearly mapped with six subcategories per trait.

Professional aspects

With this module, the profile of the client on 26 professional aspects can be compared with the profile per profession.

Talents and Skills

This instrument provides a quick insight into the talents and competencies required to practice a profession.

360 feedback

A part of Talents and Skills in which third parties may be asked to assess the Talents and Skills of the client.

Functional Limitations List

The tool has been developed to assess whether the physical capabilities of the client match the physical requirements of a profession. The “Functional Limitations profile” is available for approximately 3500 professions. 

Profession filter

Finding professions by sector, with talents and competencies in combination with specific limitations.


The Enneagram is a personality model that deals with conscious or unconscious behavior.


With this module, an automated report can be created in a short time.

Functional Limitations Filter

What are the possibilities, taking the limitations into account.

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