About us

Icares lets you spread your wings. Broaden your horizon!

Where Icarus used his wings made of feathers to fly too close to the sun, Icares uses them out to broaden the horizon and come to new insights.


This can be done by reading and writing (the feather as the forerunner of our pen), but also by gaining experiences. Since this personal development often takes place within a study or job, it is important for everyone’s happiness in life to make the right choices. Icares contributes to this by investigating and utilizing everyone’s options.


With our study choice and professional tests, we want to help everyone to end up in a suitable place, in work or study, inside or outside the Netherlands.


Although the test results are valuable in themselves, they are intended to support career guidance professionals. Icares is of the opinion that especially the combination of testing and personal guidance leads to well-being in study or profession.


In essence, Icares therefore supports career professionals with tests that give them more insight into their clients.